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Putting Plans Into Action

Let’s face it, sometimes the only thing that stands in the way of your success is . . . well, what you tell yourself?

Sometimes you’re biggest problem isn’t that you can’t find the words to express yourself, but the fear, doubt and self-sabotage that take over! Sure, coaching is an element of my Brand Your Genius Package, but if all you need is the push to get you over the hump or give you a little direction, we can do that.

Clarity, laser-focused strategy and the abliity to bust through your own negative beliefs, high performance coaching is designed to help you establish the structure to move forward with your goals.


Stop the Noise!

Do you tell yourself you’re not unique? That this is too hard or that you just don’t know where to start? (don’t we all??) It’s time to let go of the noise and learn how to banish fear for good!

Target Audience

Understand your product and how you want to serve, but just aren’t sure how to identify your ideal audience of connect the different types of people you want to serve? Get clear and connect the dots.

Key Offerings

Your offerings aren’t resonating, but you’re not sure what to do to change the message? Defining your packages, products or offerings is our speciality. We’ll help you get clear and attract more clients.


It’s all overwhelming! Marketing funnels, branding message, ideal clients, logos and website design – do you really need all that to get going? Let’s prioritize and see what you need to do now!

You in the Driver’s Seat

Is Your Inner Voice Driving You Away From Your Dreams? 

Do you tell yourself that you can’t do this? That it’s too hard or “who am I to get what I want?” You think that what you have to offer has no value, that you aren’t special or that others can do it better. So, paralysis sets in!

Every negative thought. Every fear or doubt. Every moment of indecision and indecisiveness is pulling you away from building the business of your dreams!

As a Master Certified Integrative Life Coach, my programs have helped thousands of clients breakthrough limitations and confusion so they can achieve their dreams. 

Each of us has a story that is either propelling us forward in life or holding us back.

 Which will you choose?


Breakthrough Shadow Coaching

Release the beliefs that hold you back from building your business and being successful. Change your patterns and gain access to a part of you that is unstoppable.

Through confidential weekly 60-75 minute weekly calls, learn practical skills and tools that will help you grow a business that attracts paying clients. Experience a profound shift that will take you from “I can’t do this” to “anything is possible”.

Each week, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals by identifying and letting go of excuses. Learn how to set and achieve realistic goals (every time). And understand and release self sabotage so you can make choices that align with your dreams.

Breakthrough Coaching™ provides comprehensive coaching that supports you to:

  • Feel more confident
  • Embrace your own success
  • Achieve what you most want
  • Enhance work or personal productivity
  • Gain greater awarness.

Roadmap Coaching

If structure and clarity are what you’re looking for, let me help you kick overwhelm to the curb and create a roadmap that will drive you to your goals.

If your brand message suffering from one of the following:

  • Multiple Message Misfit
  • Confusing products and packages
  • Lack of direction
  • Failed focus

It’s time to get a new map! Each week, I’ll provide you with steps that will help you step out and stand out. Through 60 minute calls (over the phone or Zoom) you’ll gain the confidence to truly promote and gain clients.

Start with a 30 minute free consultation today – no strings attached! Just 30 minutes of awesome, clear advice waiting for you.

I am so much more empowered and enlightened after hiring Linda for life coaching. I was looking for a pragmatic vehicle to help me reach an important goal and more than found one. Linda made me safe in expressing myself without judgment. Each week, she created a calm and welcoming environment where I could relax enough to make breakthrough discoveries. Not only was she genuinely sincere and caring, but she was also excellent at keeping me focused. She takes real joy in her clients awakenings. I was able to use the tools from each week almost immediately in facing challenges and re-energizing myself toward my ultimate goals. On more than one occasion, mid-session I would just think “wow!” That’s how refreshing and remarkable the experience is. It’s rare to have so many useful insights into your inner machinations, in such a short time, with one person, through a single process; but it happened. I have already recommended Linda to my friends and family. I feel there is wisdom from this coaching experience that I will carry with me forever.Catherine

“Linda helped me learn how to use shadow techniques to access parts of myself that I had denied, to transform those parts, and positively push my life forward.  I’d say my perspective has sharpened.  I’m able to see what is mine and how to empower myself when faced with both negative and positive shadows.  As a result, my confidence has increased, and I feel stronger and better equipped to face challenges head-on.”  H.

“When I came to Linda, I felt stuck. She worked with me to recognize my own strengths, values and who I wanted to be in life. I always looked to others for the “right answer”, but Linda helped me understand the answer is within me. I felt empowered and am living a happier and healthier life.” Kris

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